Three Essential Flower Care Tips

Posted by Cynthia Massaad on

Cut the Stems 

One of the most common mistakes people make after receiving flowers is forgetting to cut the stems.  Trim 2-4 cm off and cut at an angle. This allows for better water intake since they won't be flat on the bottom of a vase. Be sure to re-trim your bouquet once every few days!

 Water Your Flowers

 After picking out a clean vase, fill it with room temperature water and add in a packet of flower food & make sure to mix it properly. It’s also important to clean your vase thoroughly and change out the water and flower food every two to three days.

Avoid Direct Sunlight, Heat, Drafts and Fruits!

 Your flowers will last longer in a room with cool temperatures. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight or near appliances that generate heat.  Avoid areas like open windows and cooling vents  as they can cause the flowers to quickly dehydrate. You also shouldn’t display your bouquet near fruit as ripening fruits release tiny amounts of ethylene gas which can reduce the longevity of your fresh arrangement.



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